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Our software applications are designed around the concept of user configurability that ranges from workflows, work lists and data fields to security, data dictionary and reporting. For the special situations where configurability of the application is not sufficient to meet client needs, Zain Systems IT also provides custom software development services to meet specific business requirements, features or unique integration requirements. These services are delivered to the same standard as our other implementation services.

Zain Systems IT provides custom software development services to clients when their business strategies and requirements are not adequately met by packaged software. We work closely with the clients to understand their business objectives, define their software requirements, write specifications by involving our experienced business analyst and subject matter expert, design, architect, develop, test and integrate the custom software across multiple other systems and platforms including internet, cloud and disparate systems enabling the system to function and optimally operate seamlessly for our clients.

Zain Systems provides IT services to develop and deploy business solutions that reduce cost and improve performance for leading companies worldwide. Our focus is on mission-critical business applications that are engineered to perform and scale, reliability and predictably.

Our custom application development services include:

Business analysis and requirement documentation
Feasibility and requirement analysis
Application Design, Architecture Development, and Implementation
User interface design, web development, PSD to HTML conversion services
Software product development services for ISV
Software maintenance and support
Systems integration and consolidation
Re-engineering, migration, modernization, performance tuning and porting services

We follow two main approaches to application development and integration engagements: UNDERSTAND-PLAN-BUILD-MANAGE (FULL SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFECYCLE) under this approach we assume full software development lifecycle start to finish responsibility for business requirement analysis, specification, design, architecture, implementation, testing and integration of the system with other systems.

Understand – Zain Systems IT Understands the requirements of the customers through thorough study of the system being planned for by interacting with the stake holders involved in either directly or indirectly.

Plan –Zain Systems IT provides the expertise and experience in domain, industry vertical, business process automation, process and change management and customized software development and architecture design to recommend technology solution that will meet the client’s business objectives and criteria for success.

Build –Zain Systems IT provides custom software development, design, independent testing, and implementation, integration services to deliver rapidly developed, scalable and flexible architecture that is aligned with the client’s business objectives. People, process and technology issues are fully addressed to ensure a successful implementation of the custom software solution.

Manage –Zain Systems IT develops all bespoke custom software applications with post implementation issues in mind. That includes but not limited to ensuring new architecture is based on strict quality standards to enable cost-effective operations and support as well as easy adaptations in the future. Zain Systems IT can provide the post-implementation management of custom applications to ensure today`s solution evolves with our clients emerging business needs.


Zain Systems IT delivers high-quality flexible applications which are robust, scalable, reliable, and secure and at the same time, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, simple-to-maintain and modular to alleviate further enhancements.

Our application development services enable you to meet emerging technology challenges and help you throughout the full life cycle of application development, from defining your requirements, documenting specifications, developing, testing, to integrating software applications across a myriad of platforms.

Zain Systems provides IT services to develop and deploy business solutions that reduce cost and improve performance for leading companies worldwide. Our focus is on mission-critical business applications that are engineered to perform and scale, reliability and predictably

Possessing comprehensive capabilities and extensive cross-industry experience in application development, Zain Systems IT

The Zain Systems team is focused on delivering customer satisfaction by providing world-class IT services to the dynamic and developing high-technology market.

Offers a suite of application development services encompassing object-oriented applications, web applications, client server applications, mobile applications and legacy applications modernization & extensions

Builds and deploys next generation, highly scalable and extensible software applications and systems which can help you achieve strategic IT and business objectives

Has a creative and experienced team of programmers and consultants who are proficient in Microsoft, Java, Oracle, IBM, Open Source, Mobility technologies as well as cloud computing, social computing, big data, cross platform development and so forth to develop a complete custom application that meets your customer business needs across industries and domains

Provides custom solutions on various third party products like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle EBS, Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, Life ray, Sales force, Sugar CRM Helps you derive high business value from your IT spends

End-User Ratings:

We work with clients to ensure an effective and efficient knowledge transfer of the day-to-day workings of our solutions so that you achieve your patient care and bottom line goals. During the implementation period, we provide a formal training program designed around your business and training requirements. We also offer ongoing onsite and web-based trainings.