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HOW US Zain Systems CAN HELP?


ZAIN Systems can review your current process and provide solutions for consistent candidate's delivery through our standard process.


ZAIN Systems can help you write more effective job descriptions to improve the candidate response rate. We can advise you on what job boards to use to optimize candidate quality. We can also post jobs on the various job boards and community websites and keeping them updated. By keeping the job current, your posting will be viewed by many more candidates.


ZAIN Systems can search our own database, ATS, our own database of candidates, job boards, search engines, blogs and forums to build a candidate pool. With our offshore facilities across the globe, due to the time difference, we will help reduce your time to fill by looking for the best active and passive candidates while your team sleeping.


According to industry statistics, as many as 90% of all resumes received by Recruiters are unsuitable for the advertised vacancy. Screening resume cost your recruiters a lot of time when their focus should be on building relationships and networking. ZAIN Systems can help screen resumes to find the best matches.


ZAIN Systems can help you with scheduling interviews and making travel arrangements for interviews etc.


ZAIN Systems can assist your company regarding conducting in-depth phone interviews or even technical interviews. The strong education, and technical, background of our recruiters help you. We can phone interview with the candidate and understand the candidate's motivation for a job change. We can evaluate the candidates on role fitment, aptitude and attitude. We will as close as your onsite recruiter’s interims of evaluating candidates and building a strong relationship.


ZAIN Systems can assist your company in doing Reference Check & Background Screening. Also, can help you with the on boarding process including negotiations and offer management.


  • We will treat every job uniquely by profiling and managing the client company philosophy, hiring manager, team, location and duties.
  • We will be very courteous, respectful and confidential to every client and candidate.
  • We will actively seek and follow-up with referrals, which is the best source of candidates.
  • We will include all the sources in the process, including traditional and non-traditional sourcing methods.
  • Our hiring process will be in harmony with the client hiring managers.
  • To provide the client a strategic advantage with diverse workforce, we will source diversely.
  • Our recruiting approach will be responsive to different job types.
  • We will capture data per EEO, track the candidate and report accurately and completely for every position.
  • We will follow up and close every candidate, if they get the job or not.
  • We will provide fair and equal opportunity to every candidate to apply and receive job specific consideration.